Meet Your School Counselors

Hello AMS Community!

Please stop by or email if you need to chat, if you need help or support, or just want to say hello.

Who we are:

6th grade: Mrs. Bartlett -

7th grade: Ms. Collins -

8th grade: Mrs. Williams -

Adjustment Counselor: Mrs. Roy -

(AMS school counselors remain with their designated grade for all 3 years of your middle school journey)

What we do:

  • provide social, emotional, and academic support to all students

  • teach classes in all grades with a focus on bullying prevention, social skills, respect for self and others, stress management, and more

  • work with outside programs to connect students with additional resources

  • prepare students for their high school career - write recommendations, assist with course selection, and coordindate the Keefe Tech admission process

  • work as a liaison and resource between parents and teachers

  • consult with academic teams, administration, nursing and wellness to ensure we are meeting the needs of the whole child

  • assist with student transitions and registration

  • consult on the Response to Intervention (RtI) Team, and implement interventions as needed

  • create and assist students with schedules

  • serve as the gradewide 504 Coordinator

  • participate in IEP meetings as needed

Meet Maggie!

Maggie is a licensed therapy dog who loves to visit AMS in her free time. She enjoys being pet and walked outside. Stop by to see when Maggie will visit next!